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Kingdom Rush 2: The Sequel

IronHide Game Studios, the creators of Kingdom Rush, have announced the developing of the second sequel with the name Kingdom Rush Sequel. For those not familiar with Kingdom Rush, it's one of the best tower defense games online. The most unique feature of Kingdom Rush is that except towers you can also apply troops on the battlefield either by building Guard towers or by the Call Reinforcements ability. Beyond that Kingdom Rush features 4 totally different towers with 2 upgrade path each. This with combination the awesome game play and some of the prettiest graphics ever seen in tower defense game have made Kingdom Rush a legend among tower defense games. With this in mind, everyone is super-excited about the new upcoming Kingdom Rush Sequel. IronHide Game Studios announced that the new Kingdom Rush will be ready sometime in 2012. Till then you can play the original Kingdom Rush game and hope that IronHide developers will not lost a single hour of work.

Free to play online.

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